George O'Bradovic and Associates

Concrete Block Plant Machinery and Allied Equipment

Concrete Machinery Preventative Maintenance and Rebuilding

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain a little about our company and what we offer.

First and foremost we are actual producers with 3 block plants making roughly  16 million 8”equivalents a year.  We lead the companies with trained staff in all aspects of the business to minimize loss of time and production which affects overall sales.

Plant tech is 100% committed to providing the top service to all its end users by providing ongoing long tern relationships to our customers.

When your plant is down due to electrical or mechanical issue we have an in house IT technician that is trained in Rockwell software along with RS logics programming. The mechanical side is covered with a staff of 10 people that operate our plants daily. I feel it saves time and money when you can troubleshoot a problem over the phone and get your company up and running anywhere in the world.

To keep this machinery operating this efficiently we have dedicated time and money into a Preventative Maintenance Program that will save your company substantial amounts of money in down time and replacement of items you should not have to replace.

We achieve this in the following ways.

1.       Onsite visit to your company and look at overall condition of machinery. This includes identifying the problems, documenting, and photographing the problems.

2.       To watch the machinery operate for a period of time, analyzing machinery and the awareness of staff operating the machinery and how they handle different situations that may arise.

3.       We then write a report to be submitted with all possible solutions and training practices that need to be implemented or improved upon collectively by maintenance staff, machine operators, and Managers.

4.       We offer full training to your staff and will show them hands on, the correct way to properly maintain the machines and ensure proper day to day functions along with adopting a ongoing Preventative Maintenance Program to ensure this becomes embodied in the staffs daily operations.

We care about the success of your company and it’s goals in mind. We have first hand experience and knowledge of what it takes financially to make this happen and maintain it for years to come.

With the rising cost of materials and parts in mind this is a solution to greatly improve your production and lower your cost of production increasing overall profits.



Rebuilding Services Offered Onsite or In House Bladensburg MD

The main difference between Plant Tech and other companies is they usually are middleman making a commission for selling equipment they have little knowledge of, or never see the equipment for themselves.  This is why we offer the services of rebuilding the equipment to give the buyer piece of mind knowing they have made the right decision in his purchase.

Rebuilding services consist of 3 categories.

1.       General basic overview of all machinery with a detailed list of components to be replaced at are recommendation for the customer

2.       Medium rebuilding consists of the major mechanical parts being replaced and or fixed depending on conditions along with minor repairs to rollers, bearings, limit switches, and valves.

3.       Full on consist of stripping the machines down to the frames and starting with all new wear parts, as we deem necessary.  This includes but is not limited to rewiring all components of the machines, limit switches, along with the plc’s to communicate from internet access. After everything is completed we will paint the manufacturers colors or customer’s choice colors.

Plant Tech will also handle all shipping needs as we deal with a world logistic company.


Depending on parts availability, locations, and current jobs we do not offer a dedicated timeframe to complete our requests. Each job is taken into consideration on a job-by-job basis.